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You have infinite power through what you think and how you feel, all of which creates vibration in your body - both positive and negative - which affects your health. In fact its the mind that causes illness through a lack of love, yet it is also the mind that can sure illness through focusing on love. I know you can heal your body this way because I did. I was a paraplegic and I healed my body through using my mind to focus on the power of love...Continue Reading

Heal Your Body with Love
It is well known that the mind plays a large part in creating illness, and even doctors today will ask a client about their emotional life when evaluating health issues. Though Science does not know how the immune system works, emotions are being looked at as the source of illness in most cases. In fact today information is pouring forth that our thoughts and beliefs have the power to create illness in our body and our mind has the power to eradicate illness through changing our thoughts and/ or beliefs to happy (loving) ones.

Your Body Operates on Love (a "receptive" vibration) 
The universe vibrates and within it exists tiny imperceptible vibrations which enable life. These vibrations are receptive and they connect vibrations to one another through harmonization - in other words, they are "the glue" that allows the formation of things. These imperceptible vibrations are known to vibrational physicists as "sympathetic vibrations" and, in a world of feeling, we would recognize these vibrations as the feeling of love. Sympathetic vibrations (aka: love) create the bonds that hold your body together - you are literally held together by love!

When the receptive bonds of love in your body break disharmony occurs and is known as illness. Illness is caused by a lack of love. The good news is that when you create love and enter a state of harmony (any degree of love such as kindness, compassion etc.) your body naturally repairs itself and blocks (illness) disappear.

You have the power to heal your body through either experiencing or creating love. You can do this through meditating on love (compassion) to create loving vibration or, if your condition is severe, you can heal your body through using your mind. Your mind has the power to heal you.

Love is the Key!
Everything you do is for love. You want it, you want to see it, hear it, touch it, smell it and know love in a variety of ways. You recognize it and it makes you feel safe - why? because love makes up the very fiber of your being. In fact every particle that forms your body connects through the receptive power of love in order for you to is connection. Your mind needs the connection that love gives.

Illness is a Lack of Love "In Mind"
Your mind creates thoughts and beliefs which form frequencies in your body that have the ability to instill illness or wellness.  
As you daily interpret experiences you react both inwardly and outwardly.This interpretation is (vibrationally) imprinted onto your cellular mind and called 'memory'. Memory is used to form your thoughts and beliefs. All illness is caused by negative thoughts and beliefs which create negative vibrations in the body - all of which reveal a lack of sympathetic vibration, aka: love. Illness reveals a lack of love.
You can heal your body through creating loving thoughts and beliefs to deliberately change your frequency towards a more allowing (and less resistant) vibration. Changing your mind to reflect love will positively change your vibration and naturally heal your body through harmonization!

Place Your Mind on Love & Heal Your Body
There are a variety of ways you can instill loving vibrations in your body to alleviate illness. The most powerful and permanent way is by using your mind. The best way to begin this process is by locating the mental root cause of your illness and then reprogramming your mind with a new loving thought or belief around the issue. Love will permeate and redirect negative vibrations into a harmonization which can heal for life.


When healing through mind it helps to understand that all vibrations have a metaphysical equivalent. Metaphysical means "beyond the physical". A metaphysical equivalent is an explanation beyond the physical issue but one that equals it. For example if you have a broken foot, the physical issue is the broken foot but the metaphysical equivalent could be that you are having issues moving forward through life. The physical mirrors the psychological state (the mental cause) which results (in this case) in a broken foot.

So negative vibration harbored in your body can be metaphysically interpreted by identifying words that describe the mental root cause behind your condition. Once the root cause is known then the thought (or belief) can be revised to reflect love and lift the block causing the negative vibration. A new thought example could be, "I faithfully move forward through life with ease."

The key to life-long healing is identifying the root cause. When this is found and revised it can reinstate wellness forever - yes, your mind is powerful.


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