Your Body Operates on the Principle of Love
The entire universe vibrates due to a very tiny receptive force that is connecting all things. This force is known to vibrational physicists as sympathetic vibration and it brings harmony and connectedness to all things including all the parts that create your body. You recognize this receptive force as the feeling of love. The entire universe operates through this receptive power and so does your body. When you are in a state of receptivity (love) your body operates smoothly and blocks disappear. When you are not in a receptive state illness can occur. All illness stems from a lack of love and you have the power to heal your body through repairing this lack. Your illness can be healed through vibrating love all day long yet sometimes, when the condition is deeper, you need to deliberately use your mind.

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All Illness Reflects a Mental Equivalent
Your mind creates thoughts and beliefs which form frequencies in your body and their vibration has the ability to create illness or wellness. Thoughts are frequency and frequency is vibration. All vibrations are created from your mind/ body as it (vibrationally) processes information from your environments.

As you go about your daily affairs your mind interprets signals reacting both inwardly and outwardly. This movement is known as ‘energy-in-motion’ or e-motion.The interpretation of this data is imprinted onto your cellular mind and called ‘memory’. This memory forms your thoughts and beliefs by utilizing its ability to link to other mind and its output is vibrationally reflected into your body. You have the power to heal your body through deliberately commanding the focus of your mind. You can heal yourself by creating new thought patterns and change the frequency of your body. Changing your mind can change your vibration and heal your body! At times it can be difficult to find the root cause of the thought, thankfully there is a pattern that can help you.

Finding the Mental Issue Behind the Illness
Within your body your thoughts and beliefs store themselves in specific vibratory regions. This means that different parts of your body store different emotional (vibratory) data. Therefore, if a region of your body is in dis-ease (suffering from a lack of love) you can get an indication of the vibratory thoughts (beliefs or memories) which lie behind the creation of the illness. Once you  have established this the thought or belief can be revised to create wellness to eliminate the disease through specific affirmations and activities.

“- The loving universe exists in a finite balance and each human being is a reflection of this phenomenal paradigm – so by balancing the spirit to love you can heal the body -” Kel Rae

There is a specific code left to us by our ancestors, that we can utilize within our healing process. This code indicates the types of thoughts and beliefs stored within different regions of the human body. Your mind, which created your illness, can also heal your body and, by utilizing this code, you can unlock the type of block you’re dealing with and restore your body to its natural state of well-being by using specific commands. More information? Watch the video below:

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Heal Your Body with the Power of Your Mind! 

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